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Gas Turbine Services

Gas Turbine Services

- Major Overhaul

- Customized Repair

- Turbine Test

- Renovation & Rehabilitation

- Renovation/Preventive Maintenance (PM) scheduling & Execution

- Condition Monitoring

- Vane/Blade CL&TP Coating

- Hot Gas Path Parts Refurbishing

- Gas Turbine Overhaul/Up-Grading

Major Overhaul
A major overhaul includes: Disassembly, 100% Inspection of Parts and Subassemblies, Upgrades, Reassembly based on OEM standards.


Customized Repair
All Repairs & maintenance are performed to cover specific machinery operational problems.

Turbine Test
Includes full scale, Full-Load Testing of all machineries. The goal is to verify the integrity of all equipments before putting them in services including Mechanical Integrity, Heat Rate, power output, Emissions and Vibration measurements recording and issuing Certified Rest Reports for each unit.

Renovation & Rehabilitation
This includes Renovation of old Gas and Steam turbine, Reblading, Major Parts and sub-system changes, control system upgrades,


Renovation / Preventive Maintenance (PM) scheduling & Execution
Based on customer request an overall maintenance / PM schedule can be prepared and executed. This ensures better and reliable power plant service and availability reduced emergency shutdowns and failures.

Condition Monitoring
Condition Monitoring involves monitoring all operational parameters governing the safe operations of all Power Plant equipments, Fuel Consumption, Optimized Turbine and Generator Outputs and reduction of environmental hazards.

Vane/Blade CL & TP Coating 

Hot Gas Path Parts Refurbishing

  • Combustion Liner
  • Transition Peace
  • Vane
  • Blade

Gas Turbine Overhaul/Up-Grading

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